Kartik Saboo name does not require any intro in the sphere of product & advertising photography in Delhi. Brought up in Delhi, he started photography as a hobby in school days. Trained from an esteemed photographer Mr. O. P. Sharma (presently core faculty at IIPC), he have become one of the most popular photographers in India., he also learnt manual processing and printing of black and white films fromMr. O.P. Sharma.

20 year old lad shooted his first official paid assignment with BMWat the age of 18. From there he hasbeen able to develop a versatile collection of fashion and product photographs. Having major specialization in fashion and product photography, his collection still comprises of travel and wildlife photographs that depict their own identity in a unique way. Being a student of a film institute (AAFT), he also tried his hands on Video shooting and manages to crack it. His work has been covered in various Internet Websites,Catalogues,Newspapers etc.

"Which of my photographs is my favorite?
The one I'm going to take tomorrow."



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Mobile No. : +91 9971826568

E-mail :kartiksaboo@hotmail.com

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